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NUCLEAR : Arch Outloud Competition

Honorable Mention

In collaboration with Neil Vasquez


WIPP, New Mexico  


Due to the high-level amounts of buried radioactive nuclear waste disposal, arch out loud asks us to address this issue by creating an architectural marker that warns and educates future societies of the culture significance as well as the dangers of the site. With this, it should ensure the site undisturbed for the duration of the waste’s decay process, taking account for the site’s environmental and social changes over time. 


The monument signifies immobility, inalterability and immediacy. As a result of the permanence and collectivity of the monuments, the continuous development of the urban identity is reflected. Devoting ourselves to preserving the memories of a destructive past, the construction and positioning of the monuments warn individuals of an unforeseeable future. The arrangement of these monumental objects adapt in real dimension individually while remaining intact as a whole. In conjunction to establishing continuity in the public domain, the myth of the architectonic forms produces a sense of transition between order and chaos; thus warning the visitors of its danger.



In executing this project, we explored four basic architectural elements: columns, ramps, planes and stairs (seen in renderings below). These elements are all guides of circulation. And so, when uniform, they welcome visitors and provide shade and interesting spaces for activities. But as visitors move further into the nuclear 
site, the elements destabilize, clash and become unpredictable, symbolizing the precarious activity further down and essentially act as signs that warn visitors of danger. With this, we superimposed all the systems together forming what is shown in the plan above.





Final Renders

Flat things. Tall things. Thin things. Fat things.

Curvy things. Straight things. Short things. Big things.

Step things. Ramp things. Stacked things. Tramp things.


Remembering. Moving. Obstructing. Warning.

Ordered things. Collapsed things. Concrete things.
Desert things.

Permanent things. Temporary things.

Homogenous things. Diverse things. Symbolic things. Literal Things

Isolated. Destructive. Imposing. Act. Private.

Purposeful. Tolerant. Collective.

Enter. Run. Walk. Stroll.

Stop. Reflect.