︎    = collaboration
︎    = individual
︎    = academic
︎    = personal


︎ Rish Saito
︎ Design Studio
︎ Fall 2019
︎Japan, 〒135-0066 Tokyo, Koto City,

At large, the plan itself is a miniaturization of the formal logic that already exists on the island for the parceling of landfills. 

The concrete walls are built using the ash that is the by-product of the constant incineration processes taking place on the island and is, in principle, a carbon capture device. We are also incorporating the water treatment processes already onsite. The contaminated water runoff after rainfalls continue to be captured in troughs at the perimeter of the museum. The purified water is recirculated throughout the museum for both symbolic interests and as a mechanism for cultivating microclimates.

We imagine this museum as a quiet monument in the context of Tokyo bay that contain unexpected pleasures. The walls are crisp and faceless. Its art, flamboyant. They are porous to air, rigid and heavy. Its art, light yet unapologetic. They are made out of garbage- garbage that is de-naturalized into something else, and re-naturalized into its larger self. Its art in dialogue.