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A series of garage installations and cultural discussions.
This project attunes me to the anxieties of others, uncovering the particularities of different embodiments of culture and architecture. It attempts to hold a place of disposition, of networks, of the so-called “Other”. It hopes to locally render a local moment of local perspectives - perspectives that are ever jittering.

10/2020 - 05/2021
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A speculative maternity hospital in Viljandi, Estonia.
This thesis questions the shifting cultural receptions of material experience - that in this fast shifting social climate, not only do new feelings arise but new sensibilities as well. It does not question tactility in just the human experience or propose an aesthetic for our age but outlines a representational, material, and organizational sensibility that responds to the current digital technologies and dynamic environments. 



Umi no Mori: Rethinking a Landfill
We fully embrace the project of turning garbage into art. We propose turning the island into a gigantic outdoor museum. We designed a series of colossal salons for displaying new environmental art that would enable new feelings in relationship to nature. We want artworks populating these rooms that would incorporate- both organic and inorganic matter and cultivate microclimates and ad hoc biomes.



What produces domestic life?
Is it the gable roof? Furniture? Occupants? Location? Label?

Perhaps it is the specificity in material- the resolution of those misalignments and textural differences, and its slightest imprints onto its surrounding - whether it’s physical or psychological.