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Duplex Precedent Analysis

Architecture Faculty in Tournai  - Aires Mateus

As seen in OMA’s unbuilt Y2K House and OMA’s Case da Musica, the scalar translation of small to large is distinct. The analysis begins by select a large work of architecture (built or unbuilt) and reconsider it at the scale of a single family house. How would its program, posture and relationship to site change when seen at a different scale and/or orientation?

Y2K House 1998 and Case da Musica 1999-2005

Model Photo (Iteration)

Precedent Analysis: By flipping the precedent building (comparison seen below), the relationship between the building and its surrounding changes immensely not only formally, but also its posture and gesture to the city. It lays uncomfortably but also snuggily. Its nonchalant and raises its legs up. It peaks beyond the city instead of hidding in it. 

Left: Transformed    Right: Precedent 
Final Physical Model