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4A Design Studio
Fall 2018 


3327 E 4th St
Los Angeles, CA 90063

The project is a speculative residential project located in Boyle Heights. Situated in the mist of heated socio-political climate, the site challenges the studio to propose strategies that synthesizes disciplinary concerns with zoning restrictions, building methods and contingencies of context and economies. Urbanistically speaking, the project is of a building type that falls between the house (singular and prototypical) and housing (repetitive and modular).



What produces domestic life?
Is it the gable roof? Furniture? Occupants? Location? Label?
I believe it has to be in the finest grain. It is the specificity in material, the resolution of those misalignments and textural differences, and its slightest imprints onto its surrounding - whether it’s physical or psychological.  

After looking at the site, I was intrigued by the ad hoc irregularity in how the fences define the end and start of each building parcel. This project works between character and type where the context is imperative both as a “stage” or territory and as a typological field. With this, the faces and volumes misregister and push against each other, pouring into the cracks of its surrounding.

Photo of Final Model 

Bird’s Eye Axon

Warm’s Eye Axon


Precedent Analysis > Site Reseach > Massing > Material Studies > Articulation > Final 

Site Boundary Analysis divided by architectural elements:


Unfolded Elevations (guides found below) 

Elevation Unfold Reference Diagrams 


Final Physical Model