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Hi There~ 

I’m Nancy Ai. 

Our daily moments are never mundane. Maybe not always beautiful, but sometimes funny. I hope to capture that in my works.

A recent graduate with a bachelor of architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture, I devote a lot of time in studio massaging designs through model making, Rhino, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I find that I learn and reflect more from my projects by switching back and forth between the digital and tangible worlds.

Consider daily life: what makes one day different from another? A muted and frequently unnoticed difference? A narrative? A seemingly ordinary object may contain its own hidden and unstable complexities. Suppose architecture is defined by the complex dynamic of our surroundings or by process, the details then play an essential role. One micro-component may be vital in influencing the macro. Beyond focusing on architecture’s ability to enclose a space, I aim to emphasize an orchestration of interpersonal experiences through materiality.
“From the softest caress to the harshest blow, touch lies at the heart of our experience of the world.”
                        - Constance Classen

The meaning of touch has not only been consistently changing over cultures, but also, over time. So, what does it mean to convey tactility that is not a surface in the contemporary world? What is tactility beyond the human experience? What does tacility mean in a digital environment - when digital materials are divorced from the actual material?