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Hi There~ 

I’m Nancy Ai. 

Our everyday is never mundane, but always beautiful, funny and different. I hope to capture that in my works.

A recent graduate with a bachelor of architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture, I devote a lot of time in studio massaging designs through model making, Rhino, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I find that I learn and reflect more from my projects by switching back and forth between the digital and tangible worlds.

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On the way to my daily breakfast place, there is this one tree by Santa Fe Avenue that sheds flowers. The only one in that block with flowers. They scattered and press onto the sidewalk, first gray and flattened with imprints of shoe bottoms, gradienting to the freshly pink blossoms that sit on top of the adjacent parked car.

It’s such a beautiful scene. 

The tree always stands there. But the cars are always different. Everyday. Different models, different colors, different reflections. And so the flowers seems different every time. Yet still the same beautiful scene. And that's amazing to me. That’s it.