To replace Model XX0813 Card, you must first shut down the system. Please charge for 8 hours before use.
Failure to follow the instruction above may result in permanent systematic damages.
Warning: After you shut down, internal components may be very hot. Please allow the model to cool down before continuing.

It seems to Inkun that every one of his friends has a Model. He didn’t like that. That’s why he liked Fanni so much. His friends always called him a traditionalist. They asked him if he ever gets tired without being able to switch her on and off. You know, from the emotional stress of a relationship people had to deal with before. Inkun just replied no.

No, why would he get tired? Fanni doesn’t need a power button. They run together. Consume together. Rest together. Do a little bit more before and after together.

But one day Inkun lost his legs. He tripped over a lamp and fell over. He cursed at the lamp. Why the fuck do people still own lamps?

And so Fanni ran for him. Ingested for him. Masturbated for him.

Eventually, Fanni was turned off.

Written by
Nancy Ai

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